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Some of South Africa’s leading companies have partnered with Corporate Social Responsibility News South Africa (CSRNEWSSA) to create a document that tracks the response of corporate South Africa to the coronavirus pandemic in our country.

We are living through an historical moment, in which herculean efforts have been made at record speed, unprecedented generosity has poured out and ‘business as usual’ has been suspended. The flexibility, vision and organisational skill required have been huge. It is likely that the decisions, strategies and preparedness of many will come under the spotlight when the crisis is over, and that much will be learned from the variety of actions we are seeing unfold around us today.

In recognition of the magnitude of our common challenge, CSRNEWSSA already has a dedicated page on its national platform – – to showcase the thinking of various individuals and institutions to this pandemic – which is unlikely to be the last. Dr Ramphele Mamphela, for instance, urges us to use the crisis as a stepping stone to re-thinking our priorities as a society, and to make serious changes in the years ahead.

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With the subject line: Covid-19 CSI Response Report

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